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Our Office and Team

Harcourts Port Alfred Sales Team


Our mission is simple: to deliver exceptional, personable service and the best possible outcomes for every client we work with. Harcourts have been helping clients since 1888, and today has over 800 offices in 10 countries comprising over 10,000 team members. Our global presence gives us the benefits of a wide referral and marketing network as well as the expertise of local professionals who have deep knowledge of the areas where they live and work.

Harcourts have a unique way of doing things that has served us, and our clients, for over 125 years. We make it our business to understand intimately the way the market and consumers interact, but the key to our success is in understanding how we interact with our clients.

We’d like to think that everyone who works with us is enriched by the experience. We see ourselves as an approachable, perceptive and honest partner, diligent about making sure that our clients’ interest are served and their expectations of real estate transactions are raised a notch or two.

At Harcourts, we like setting and achieving exceptionally high standards.

Our Harcourts Port Alfred Admin Staff

Susan Gombert, Magrieta Wilken and Una Tarr are the three ladies who form the backbone of Harcourts Port Alfred. They are the cogs that ensure that the wheels turn smoothly in the Harcourts Office. Susan is in charge of Body Corporates and Accounts, Magrieta is Helen Purdon's PA and Una Tarr is our receptionist.


On Our Way to the Walk A Mile 2019 Event



Kowie Striders Pineapple Run October 2019








Staying on Track With Harcourts Port Alfred Oct 2019





Our Sales Team


Harcourts Port Alfred, family owned by sister's in law Helen Purdon and Claire Purdon

"We believe it is important to manage our team with care and consideration and to take their individual needs into account, as well as their different personalities and what motivates them. Their individual needs change, and so must our management strategies which we think, is what sets Harcourts Port Alfred apart. We share a growth mindset and strive to be the best we can be. One of our areas of focus is on understanding the group dynamic and "team building" events which bind the team and ensure that we have happy agents that participate fully in our Port Alfred community events."



PAHS Colour Run August 2019

Roadshow and Awards Ceremony August 2019

What an awesome day at our Harcourts Regional Awards Ceremony held at the Royal St Andrews Hotel in Port Alfred today. Such fun with our team - definitely better in blue!


Harcourts Regional Awards August 2019




Our Strength

At Harcourts Port Alfred, we believe that we have to reflect on ourselves and our service through introspection, self-contemplation, self-examination, self-observation, self-questioning, self-scrutiny, self-searching and soul-searching in order to render the best service possible


Fun and Laughter Around the Fire



Welcome to Harcourts Port Alfred

Our Office at 4 Duckpond Centre, Gluckman Road, Port Alfred


Harcourts Port Alfred moved to our new offices in May 2016 after renovating our new space.  This all took place at the same time as our rebranding which was an exciting time for Harcourts internationally.

Harcourts Office, Gluckman Road, Port Alfred

Celebrating As A Team July 2019

Harcourts Conference Awards June 2019


We received the following awards at the Harcourts National Conference:

Office Awards:

Top Office in SA - Client Experience Award

10th Position Nationally - Revenue Generated

Top Non- Matro Office in South Africa

5th Nationally for average revenue generated per agent 

Agent Awards:

Helen Purdon - 8th Position Nationally for Revenue Generated

Helen Purdon - 3rd Position Non-Metro Office for Number of Units Sold

Helen Purdon - Award for "Living the Harcourts Way"

Our Agent Stations

Our Agent Stations


Our agents each have their own workstations in our office situated in the Duckpond Centre, Gluckman Road, Port Alfred.  Our team is made up of twelve consultants and we sell property in Port Alfred, Bathurst, Kleinemonde and have a farm sales consultant.  On the admin front, we have a Customer Care Consultant, a Receptionist, a Rental Agent and two very competant ladies running all our Body Corporates that we manage.


All Work And No Play Is No Fun





Harcourts Roadshow

Sales Team 2018

Harriot of Harcourts and The Team

We're all about service delivery - Harriot of Harcourts, our Tuk Tuk is just another of our decisions to be unique in what we do in Port Alfred


Corporate Branding


Sales Team 2017

Sales Team 2016

Team Pics October 2019

The Cogs That Make Our Wheels Turn at Harcourts

Better In Blue

Harcourts Port Alfred's Own Race October 2019

Harcourts Eastern Cape Regional Awards Aug 2019

This Is Who We Are

"Fun and Laughter" is one of our Harcourts values, and building lasting relationships is our goal. We are a close knit family of real estate agents and we strive to offer quality service to our clients in Port Alfred, Bathurst and Kleinemonde.



PAHS Color Run August 2019

Harcourts Technology Training


Harcourts technology training course. The course was presented by Anton Jansen Van Vuuren, our Harcourts Chief Operating Officer.  Anton ensures the functionality, relevance and evolution of all the technology and systems implemented by Harcourts South Africa.

In and Around Our Office


Harcourts Conference June 2019

Harcourts National Conference at the Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel and Conference Centre.

Awards Evening at the Gala Dinner



Fancy Dress Evening at Conference - The Harcourts Port Alfred Clowns



Gala Dinner




You Can See and Taste the Difference

Agents at Harcourts


The Beach Is Our Playground



Harcourts Regional Awards Ceremony

Christmas Party 2018

Harcourts Sock Photoshoot



Spreading the Blue October 2018

Drakensburg Conference 2018

Pics of the team 2017

Val Dugmore and Philli Dell 2015

Val Dugmore retired from Harcourts after 25 years of incredible service to our business.  Philli Dell, who was a very special member of our team sadly passed away in March 2017.